About the Show



Caribbean Medical is an informative 30-minute TV programme that will be aired every Sunday evening on CCN TV 6 at 8pm until July 6, 2014.

Following on the path of the Travel and Lifestyle programme ‘Caribbean Passport’ from Producers JCD & Associates, this new Medical Series will soon be aired on multiple stations across the region.

This Health and Wellness program will tackle problems that have and continue to threaten our way of life in terms of communicable and other diseases some of which have reached epidemic proportions in the Caribbean.

We will try along the way to subtly change the lifestyle and thinking by bringing increased awareness to our people in terms of how we prepare meals, our activity levels and normal day to day existence. We know that this type of awareness and education if repeated enough in simple ways, will have an impact.  As it is often said, ‘Prevention is better than Cure’.

We will dealing with Heart Disease, Stroke, Liver, High Blood Pressure, Kidney, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Cholesterol, Nutrition, Domestic Violence, HIV, Orthopaedic, Asthma to name a few.

This is done through interviews with medical professionals regionally and internationally; testimonials from persons affected by the respective diseases; questions from the man in the street along with inputs from psychologists, dieticians; personal trainers; aqua therapists; psychotherapists and more!

Episode Guide

Week 1 – Overview (Programme #1)
Week 2 – Diabetes (Programme #2)
Week 3 – Heart Disease Part 1 (Programme #3)
Week 4 – Heart Disease Part 2 (Programme. #4)
Week 5 – Breast Cancer (Programme #5)
Week 6 – Asthma (Programme #6)
Week 7 – Kidney Disease (Programme #7)
Week 8 – Prostate (Programme #8)
Week 9 – Paediatrics (Programme #9)
Week 10 – Orthopedics / Aqua Aerobics / Aqua Therapy (Programme #10)


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